Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hello, Becky here. Yes I have not been posting because I have not been interested on here lately. Yet I have been dealing with a lot of personal problems. Like hating, drama, bullying. It really hurts inside considering that I have no friends. Even this blog is empty. If you are even reading this, it would mean the WORLD to me if you advertise. Advertisers recieve co-owner. Only if you have experience and only the first five people. Comment #TeamSnails when you are done. Thanks so much and I love you all. I can't advertise because I quit Fantage, sadly. Though I'm still trying to catch up.

Lot's of love,

Monday, June 17, 2013


Hi and welcome to Fantage Snails! Yes, we are back. Clara doesn't own this blog anymore, I do. It turns out anything can be possible. A few haters can't bring me down at all. I am Becky11407 and I have the freedom to own this blog. I decided to bring the blog back because I was looking at other Fantage blogs and how successful they were, and the other day on Fantageville someone came up to me and said OMG I am your biggest fan! You are from Fantage Snails OMG! So I started crying and thinking if I should bring it back. Well, here I am putting the pieces back together. Please help me pick them up by advertising and doing everything you can! Thanks for the support!


Fantage Snails Chat -


1) No cussing.

2) Don't spam.

3) Don't ask for a rank.

4) No advertising.

5) No inappropriate links.

6) No drama.

7) No teasing / bullying.

8) No arguing.

9) Take turns doodling.

10) Make sure you have fun.